About Us

What is Swaraz and why we do it

Who we are

Swaraz is a publication for those who want to become better every day.

We talk about everything that improves life, answer complex questions, help the reader to solve problems, and make everyday life meaningful.

We love sports, health, and travel, we talk about relationships and finances, not averse to a selection of films and books, write about new technologies, devices, and useful programs, share profitable promotions, discounts, and practical advice for all spheres of life.


Correct the imperfection of life and make the reader’s life better: answer questions, solve problems, motivate, inspire, broaden horizons, teach, entertain. We want our reader to dig deeper, understand better, see the prospect.

We are against junk and any kind of toxicity, addictions and time devourers, illiteracy and greed, complexes and passivity, crowds, and dullness. Our call is: to see more, to think more broadly, to live longer, to love brighter, to run faster, to dream bolder.


The goal of each article in Swaraz is to answer all possible questions on the topic and not to provoke new unsuccessful formulations.

What we do not write

We ignore politics, accidents, religion, unofficial statements, etc. We don’t promote smoking, alcohol, or drugs, stirring up conflicts, as well as anything that is prohibited by the Criminal Code or may harm the reader.