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SilentiumPC Introduces The Three Ventum VT4 PC cases

SilentiumPC has announced three different Ventum VT4 PC cases, and these cases are called the Ventum VT4 TG, Ventum VT4V TG, and Ventum VT4V EVO TG ARGB. These cases all feature similar form factors and compatibility, with a major difference being the included fans and the RGB lighting supplied by these cases. The Ventum VT4 PC case features just two 120 mm fans while the Ventum VT4V TG case features four 120 mm fans, the Ventum VT4V EVO TG ARGB case features four 120 mm with ARGB lighting on those included fans.

SilentiumPC releases three versions of the Ventum VT4 TG PC case, offering different fans and RGB lighting

The SilentiumPC features three different versions of the Ventum VT4 PC case. Each of these cases offers a breathable mesh front panel with compatibility for a 345 mm long graphics card, a CPU cooler height of up to 159 mm, and a maximum PSU length of up to 180 mm. These cases also feature support for three 2.5″ drives and two 3.5″ drives, allowing various drives to be easily installed inside any of these PC cases. These cases feature a tempered glass side panel, allowing any RGB lighting to be easily seen.

For cooling, these cases can have three 120 mm fans mounted to the front panel; this case’s top panel features two 120 mm mounting locations, while the rear panel can support a single 120 mm fan. This case also features two additional mounting 120 mm locations, providing even more airflow to the internal components.

These cases also feature a two-chamber design with a deep service bay and an included fan splitter alongside this large storage capacity. This fan splitter allows for up to four fans to be easily connected through a single fan connector.

The Ventum VT4 TG PC case comes included two SIGMA HP 120 mm CF fans, while the Ventum VT4V TG PC case comes included with four SIGMA HP 120 mm CF fans while the EVO TG ARGB model comes included with four STELLA HP ARGB 120 MM CF Fans.

These cases are currently available through online retailers, with the Ventum VT4 TG case having a price of roughly $63, the Ventum VT4V TG case features a price of roughly $68, while the ARGB version has a price of $85.



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