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GELID Releases the Astra ARGB Sleeved Extension Cables

GELID has released the Astra ARGB Sleeved Extension cables, and these cables are similar to the Lian Li RGB Strimer Plus cables. These cables may not offer three 8-pin cables but offer three different models featuring a single 8-pin model, a dual 8-pin model, and the motherboard 24-pin ATX cable. These cables offer RGB LED and a special braided fiber-optic module. These cables are currently available now, with the dual 8-pin cable featuring a $37.99 and the 24-pin cable featuring a price of $43.99.

The Astra ARGB Sleeved Extension cables offer GPU cables, a motherboard cable with RGB lighting

The Astra ARGB Sleeved Extension cables are perfect for any PC gamer looking to add even more RGB lighting to the inside of their PC case. These cables include the 24-pin motherboard cable, a single 8-pin cable, and a dual 8-pin cable. This variety of cables allows both the motherboard cable and the GPU cable to feature bright RGB lighting. These cables feature double-sides RGB lighting, a braided Fiber-Optic cover, and 18 AWS Sleeved cabling. The double-sided RGB lighting allows users to easily install the cords in any orientation, while the braided Fiber-Optic cover ensures that the cords have a long lifespan.

Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd., stated, “Cables can make it too! With the ASTRA series, you get the ultimate solution that features spectacular RGB lighting, supports strict power requirements of the latest CPU and GPU, and ensures reliable power delivery for your gaming rigs.”

The single 8-pin cable features a total of eight Ultra-Bright LEDs, while the dual 8-pin cable features sixteen Ultra-bright LEDs, and the motherboard cable features a total of twenty-four Ultra-bright LEDs. The two GPU power cords feature a length of 300 mm, and the motherboard cord features a length of 200 mm. This cord ensures that the extension can easily reach the GPU or motherboard without making tight turns.

These cords are currently available through the GELID stores, with the Asta ARGB 24-pin cord features a price tag of $44.00, the single 8-pin cord features a price of $37.99, and the dual 8-pin cord has a price of $38.99.



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