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First MacBook Air With mini-LED Technology Reportedly Arriving in 2022

We’ve heard endless reports of Apple’s upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be the first to feature a mini-LED from the company. While it’s expected to arrive in Q1, 2021, MacBook models’ reports featuring the same display technology have been consistent for a few months now. The latest update is that even the MacBook Air will be treated to mini-LED, but you’ll have to wait until 2022.

Improved Image Quality of mini-LED Will Help Apple Target a New Audience With a New Array of Products

Once more, DigiTimes appears to have information surrounding which Apple product will feature a new display tech. Since the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been highlighted more times than we can count, it’s likely the tablet will be unveiled first, along with its smaller 11-inch cousin. However, news about redesigned MacBook Pro models has been talked about too. With display sizes of 14.1, and 16 inches, these new models will not just be treated to an Apple Silicon, but when they arrive in Q2, 2021, they’ll also feature upgraded displays, as per a previous report.

It’s not clear why Apple chooses to incorporate mini-LED in its more premium lineup of products than to make this practice uniform with other machines and devices, but it could be due to the slow adoption rate. When there’s an influx of mini-LED supply, Apple could renegotiate a deal with its supply chain, demanding price cuts for mini-LED screens. This should help keep the 2022 MacBook Pro price low while giving it a significant display upgrade that not only improves color accuracy but brightness too.

With mini-LED, Apple could have gained a new target audience too. DigiTimes reports that the new machines could be of great use to CAD users because of their improved image quality. It’s also likely that creative professionals engaged in color-accurate workflows would love to have one of these notebooks as their daily drivers. Unfortunately, there are very few products available and not readily too, might we add. One of them is the MSI Creator 17, but keep in mind that not everyone will prefer lugging around a large machine like this.

With Apple focusing on bringing mini-LED to the iPad Pro, the portability factor should come in real handy for creators while improving revenues for the company.



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