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Samsung Giving out $800 Trade-in Credit for the Galaxy Note 9 if You Purchase a Galaxy Z Fold 2

Even though the Galaxy Z Fold 3 isn’t expected to be part of Samsung’s ‘Everyday Epic’ launch, there are likely many unsold Galaxy Z Fold 2 units remaining. The company likely wants to clear them out before unveiling its best foldable flagship yet in 2021. This could be one reason why Samsung is accepting a whopping $800 of trade-in credit for the Galaxy Note 9, a model released back in 2018.

Samsung Giving the Same Trade-in Value if You Give in Any Galaxy Note 10, or Galaxy S10 Model

The fine details were reported by Sakitech on Twitter, along with an image showing Samsung accepting your Galaxy Note 9 and giving you a trade-in of $800. However, this will only be applicable if you decide to purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and no other model. If you have plans to upgrade to any Galaxy S21 model, that trade-in value will decline significantly.

According to a previous leak, Samsung provided a trade-in deal of $700 for any Galaxy S21 just as long as you had an iPhone 12 mini, a Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, or a member of the Galaxy S20 series in your possession. For the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung was giving a measly trade-in of $350. In comparison, this deal is definitely worth your time, as it essentially slashes the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to an acceptable $1,199.99.

Unfortunately, and strangely, Samsung is only accepting $600 of trade-in value for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is the latest member of the Galaxy Note and much pricier than the Galaxy Note 9. It’s possible that Samsung still wants the Note 20 Ultra to sell well globally while preparing for the imminent Galaxy Z Fold 3 announcement by clearing out the existing Galaxy Z Fold 2 stock.

A $1,199.99 price for a smartphone is still ridiculous, but it’s far less crazy than spending $1,999 for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. You can get a high-end Mac or a gaming laptop or build a decent gaming desktop with that much money.



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