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Steam Breaks 25 Million Concurrent Users Milestone

On January 2nd, 2021, the Steam platform reached another major milestone, breaking 25 million concurrent users for the first time ever.

According to SteamDB, the platform peaked at approximately 25.4 million users, 7.4 million of which were in-game at the time. The graph shows the steady growth enjoyed by Steam over the years.

As a reminder, the Steam Winter Sale is still ongoing and will end on January 5th. Valve also put out a new Steam Labs Experiment dubbed ‘Exploring Sales’ for this occasion, which should provide a better browsing experience.

New Ways to Browse During the Holidays

Each holiday sale, Steam features thousands of titles on discount. As part of this year’s Autumn Sale we introduced over a dozen genre- and theme-specific sale pages to help players browse and discover our most popular games on discount during the event. We found these themed pages drove more game store page visits during the sale than all but one other Steam store point of discovery – the grid of featured games at the top of the home page.

Given the popularity of these themed pages, we’ve introduced more of them in this year’s Winter Sale, and we’ve added some smarts so we’re able to now list them based on their likely relevance to you.

Steam Breaks 25 Million Concurrent Users Milestone Steam Breaks 25 Million Concurrent Users Milestone

Genres, Themes, Features, & More

Once you arrive at one of these pages during the Winter Sale, such as this one featuring the most popular Winter Sale Co-Op Games, you’ll discover a number of ways to browse the hundreds of games it features. Tabs offer common sub-genres, themes, or other tags shared by the hundreds of games featured on each page. Sections of these pages in some cases also display titles which all share a common theme such as viewpoint, player support, or additional themes. And because there are so many great games to feature on each of these pages, we’ve also introduced faceted browsing.

Faceted Browsing: Searching while Exploring

Faceted browsing lets you tell Steam what you’re looking for as you browse, by quickly filtering titles along a variety of axes such as visual style, theme, mood, player support, and more. Concepts can be selected across categories to serve as quick AND search operations, while concepts can be selected within categories to serve as quick OR search operations.


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