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The Raidmax P805 ATX Computer Case is 23% Off On Newegg!

The Raidmax P805 ATX gaming computer case features a tempered glass front panel with a triangle light bar, which gives this case an incredibly unique design that can easily set your PC apart from others. This case is currently on sale at Newegg for up to 23% off the original price of $64.99, making the new price for this case $49.99, But hurry as this sale ends in 13 hours!

The Raidmax P805 ATX Gaming Computer case is currently on sale at Newegg for 23% off the $64.99 typical price

The Raidmax P805 ATX computer case features a sharp design. The front panel features a tempered glass panel and a triangle light bard, which creates an infinity mirror effect. The front panel features more than the tempered glass and a design that keeps the triangles going throughout the rest of the front panel as well! The front panel also features a single USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports with HD audio jacks for connectivity.

Source: Newegg

This case also features a tempered glass side panel, which allows for easy viewing of any installed PC components. This side panel features an edge-to-edge design, which ensures that no computer component will be hidden by the tempered glass border, allowing for much larger viewing angles of all the PC components.

For compatibility, this case can support a maximum graphics card length of 310 mm, a maximum CPU cooler height of 160 mm, and can support a standard ATX power supply. This wide compatibility is a perfect choice for the PC builder that enjoys upgrading their system without having to worry about height or length restrictions.

For cooling, The front panel features three 120 mm fan mounts, while the top can support up to two 120 mm fans, and the rear panel comes with a single 120 mm which features RGB lighting. This case features magnetic dust filters on the top panel, which ensures that the case’s internal components can stay clean.

The Raidmax P805 ATX computer case is currently part of Newegg’s Shell Shocker deals, which means that its price has significantly dropped. This case’s sale is 23% off the original price, which was $64.99 making the case now cost $49.99. This new, lowered price tag won’t stay as the sale ends just 13 hours from now!



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