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Hub vs. Router

Hub and router both electronic devices are used in computer networks. A router is a more complex hardware and software device that is used to connect multiple local area networks (LAN and WAN) or two or more logical subnets.

Comparison table

Comparison table of hubs and routers

Concentrator Router
Layer Physical layer. Hubs are classified as layer 1 devices according to the OSI model. Network layer (layer 3 devices)
Function To connect a network of personal computers together, they can be linked through a central hub. Sends data to the network. Transfers data between home computers and between computers and a modem.
Data transfer form Electrical signal or bits Package
Ports 4/12 ports 2/4/5/8
Transmission type Hubs always flood frames; can be unicast, multicast, or broadcast At the initial level Broadcast, then Uni-cast and Multicast
Device type Passive device (no software) Network device
Table The network hub cannot learn or store the MAC address. Store the IP address in the routing table and store your own address.
Transmission mode Half-duplex Full duplex
Broadcast domain A hub has one broadcast domain. In a router, each port has its own broadcast domain.
Definition An electronic device that connects multiple network devices together so that devices can exchange data. A router is a network device that connects a local area network to other local networks. At the distribution layer of a network, routers direct traffic and perform other functions that are important for the efficient operation of the network.
Speed 10 Mbps 1-100 Mbps (wireless); 100 Mbps – 1 Gbps (Wired)
Address used for data transmission Uses MAC address Uses an IP address
Need to connect to the Internet? No. No, but provides additional security and allows multiple connections.
Device category not smart device Intelligent device
Manufacturers Sun Systems, Oracle и Cisco Cisco, Netgear, Linksys, Asus, TP-Link, D-Link



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